Keurig Reveals New Details About Its Cold Beverage Machine

May 15, 2015

Keurig Green Mountain revealed additional details to the launch of its “Keurig Kold” system on May 14 during an investor presentation. Among the new details was the announcement of its price. The new cold beverage system will retail between $299 and $369. “Consumers see it very differently from a coffee machine,” said Keurig CEO Brian Kelley, addressing the concern of the high price.

Keurig Kold is expected to launch this fall on, followed by an expanded retail launch to be completed before the 2016 holiday season. The company will launch its own brand of pods including beverage cocktail mixers, filtered water, sports drinks, teas and craft sodas. Coca-Cola and Dr Pepper Snapple Group will also launch select beverage pods in partnership with Keurig Kold. Prices will range from $.99 to $1.29 per pod.

“We expect the Kold system to have a higher attachment rate than the hot beverage system due to its different daypart ability,” said Kelley. He noted that total cold beverage sales are five times more than hot beverage sales.

The company addressed that each beverage will be 39 degrees and created in 60 seconds. Each drink will come in 8-ounce servings and will be 100 calories per serving or less. The pods will be no. 7 plastic recycling.


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