FOCO PURE Coconut Water Is Authorized In 800 7-11 Locations

Dec. 2, 2014

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK (December 1, 2014)—FOCO PURE Coconut Water has been authorized in 800 7-11’s in California and has started shipping an initial 90 7-11 locations already.

12 FOCO PURE Coconut Water SKUs have been authorized in both the 330 ml and 500 ml Tetra Pack containers.

Canoga Park, California based Gourmet Purveyors and Plus One Distributors will deliver FOCO PURE to these 7-11 locations.

“This is not a bad way to introduce FOCO PURE into the California market,” stated Donna Bimbo, Chief Executive Officer, Life Up LLC, importer and distributor of FOCO PURE coconut water. “7-11 authorized FOCO PURE because of its unique taste, flavors, and our single source plantation coconuts.  The source and type of coconut makes all the difference when you consider taste”.

The FOCO PURE brand, established in the 1980s, is world renowned for its coconut beverages along with its line of exotic tropical fruit drinks. In 2012, Thai Agri Food Co., the parent company of the brand, launched a new line of 100% Pure Coconut Water packed in Tetra cartons as the popularity and demand for all-natural coconut water skyrocketed. Vasinee Food Corp., the leading importer and distributor of Thai and Asian food products is the exclusive importer of FOCO PURE 100% Coconut Water.

Not All Coconuts Are Created Equal: The Importance of a Single Source

The best tasting and most refreshing young green coconuts are grown in Southeast Asia. For generations, locals and visitors alike have enjoyed this refreshing heavenly water before its rise in mainstream popularity. Today, many brands source coconuts from all over the world, blending and mixing (therefore distorting the natural flavor) coconuts from various countries, essentially confusing the consumer and misrepresenting how Southeast Asian young green coconuts should taste.

FOCO PURE 100% Coconut Water is harvested from dedicated plantations that enable the brand to keep taste, quality and supply consistent. Each batch undergoes a UHT* process, is packed in a dedicated production facility and is never overstocked. This means that consumers will know exactly what to expect each time they drink FOCO PURE 100% Coconut Water. Currently, FOCO PURE is the only brand that is produced in its own dedicated facility.

*Ultra High Temperature process is a type of pasteurization where food is heated at high temperatures for a few seconds and cooled before being packaged. This enables the food or beverage to remain shelf stable without refrigeration.

FOCO PURE is currently sold in 15 markets in the United States.