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Sept. 15, 2014

National Beverage Corp. (NASDAQ:FIZZ) today reported results for the three months ended August 2, 2014. “Our current elation is a result of many exciting rewards due to the outstanding efforts of Team National. Our historical best ever first quarter, our great annual report and our proxy that will certainly tell the reader that FIZZ is ‘X-ploding,’ reflect our intense focus . . . but the ultimate achievement is that – Team National is standing tall again!” stated Nick A. Caporella, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

For the first quarter ended August 2, 2014-

  • Revenues $174,637
  • Net Income$15,363
  • EPS$.33
  • EBITDA*$26,445

“On September 5, 2013, we requested that our shareholders use the financial performance for the trailing twelve month period, ended first quarter August 2, 2014; reserving their judgment until that period concluded and not being influenced by just one quarter of FY2014. Well, you did just that – and we are so grateful for that faith and trust. Below are those results,” continued Caporella.

 “Years ago, while preparing an earnings release, a CEO of great stature offered his profoundness: ‘Too much detail (explanations) is not for investors; lenders are taught to ‘hear’ detail, so it’s okay for your banker’ . . . well, I have made it a practice to do neither – ever! Notwithstanding this statement, it is very tempting at times of great performance to ‘explain’ how great it really was! Today . . . we not only strive to reward our shareholders – but provide great healthcare for our Team National! The last part of the previous sentence is far tougher and costlier – than at any other time in my career. That’s a Yes!

Currently, the soft drink consumer is being actively entertained; rightfully so! Our total focus is to lead the way to more healthy, more ‘Innocent,’ more refreshing and optically, more entertaining contentment for our consumers! We are nearing another milestone in the evolution of our concept of brand theming; launching a true innovation by LaCroix.

The Chairman’s message in our newly released annual report explains more, but hopefully this new launch will again validate the ‘essence of something great!’ Quoting from the recent annual report – All Greatness . . . Starts With The Need For It!” concluded a truly sincere Caporella. Full report


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