ZONE 8 Beverages Introduces NEW Natural, Organic, Non-GMO, Ready-To-Drink Line Of Tea And Juice Blends

July 25, 2014

(CHICAGO) July 23, 2014 – Zone 8 Beverages is a new beverage company formed to introduce the world to great-tasting, culturally-relevant beverages. The Chicago based company, is leveraging history, heritage and family recipes to deliver authentic, outstanding flavor profiles.

Made with real, premium ingredients found in nature, the Zone 8 line has four flavor varieties which can be served hot or cold; Agua de Jamaica Hibiscus Tea, which appeals to the growing Hispanic population, Honey Lemon Tea, Red Rooibos Pomegranate Tea and Black Tea, with plans to expand the portfolio even further.

Packaged in 16.9 oz plastic bottles, the teas contain 0-88 calories per serving and have a $1.99 SRP. The company has a clean label policy which is, “No artificial anything.”

The product line appeals to the millennial demographic which has an ethnically diverse network of friends, are native label readers and are significantly better educated about food and its importance to good health.

“The current beverage market lacks brands addressing cultural relevance that appeal to customers in an authentic way. We see this as an opportunity to engage with consumers and provide a connection for them as individuals and as a diverse group,” said Tim Megenbier, President and Cofounder of Zone 8. He added, “Consumers can now experience flavors of the world and they can share and relate to the authentic flavor profiles that we are bringing to market.”

Zone 8 is based off the simple premise that all truly ‘natural’ ingredients are grown and not created, have history, cultural relevance and a connection to the people who grow and consume them.  The company Zone 8 plans to redefine what ‘natural’ means through the products they produce.

“We find ourselves amidst emerging trends and a growing retail concern of shifts in consumer demand. We will redefine what natural means with real ingredients without the cloak of ‘all natural’ flavor,” said Megenbier.

About Zone 8

Zone 8 Beverages was founded in Chicago in 2014 and makes ready-to-drink teas using premium organic super teas, spices and real ingredients that include fruit juice, honey and pure cane sugar. For more information, go to