Soda Maker Searches For New CFO

Jan. 23, 2014

Reed's, Inc., maker of the top-selling sodas in natural food stores nationwide, announced that it is in a search for a new CFO. The current CFO, James Linesch will be leaving at the end of the month.

Chris Reed, founder and chief executive officer of Reed's, Inc., said in a prepared statement, "We have enjoyed working with Jim Linesch for the past 5 years. He has made many valuable contributions to our company including the inspiration and technical 'macgyvering' that gave us the Reed's Culture Club Kombucha line of products. We're getting a great response, but I am looking for the right business partner with a strong background in analysis. With our sales and marketing budget close to $10 million a year and growing by $2 to 3 million a year, we need someone with experience evaluating that spend to help us generate the best return on investment."