Ice River Springs Water Co. Purchases Fernbrook

Jan. 17, 2014

Ice River Springs Water Co. Inc. has acquired Fernbrook Springs Bottled Water Co.

In operation since 2005, Fernbrook has a fully integrated manufacturing facility located in Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada, packaging spring water into 500 milliliter, 4 liter and 15 liter bottles. This plant will be Ice River Springs' tenth in North America, providing increased capacity to support both private label and branded bottled water customers.

To continue its robust growth Ice River will deploy business practices that include efficient manufacturing, plastic recycling, energy savings, environmental stewardship and exemplary customer service.

"We will work closely with Fernbrook's trade partners and employees to ensure a smooth transition and continue to develop meaningful relationships with all customers, employees and suppliers," said Ice River Springs Executive Vice President Sandy Gott, in a prepared statement.

The purchase is directly aligned with Ice River Springs' corporate vision, "to be the global leader in environmentally sustainable hydration products," according to the release. The company already leads the way in the recycling of plastic, which will be used to produce Fernbrook products, reducing their carbon footprint.

Ice River Springs is the only beverage company in North America to self-manufacture resin in a closed loop recycling system, according to the release. This pioneering operation takes in bottles from municipal recycling programs, sorts, purifies and then produces certified food-grade plastic ready for reuse in 100 percent recycled water bottles.

"There's enough plastic in the world today, we just need to find ways to reuse it," said Jamie Gott, CEO of Ice River Springs. "This acquisition will further our mission to develop products and processes that are better for people and better for the planet."


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