Esio Hot & Cold Beverage System Launches Nationwide In October

Sept. 10, 2012

Esio Beverage Co., maker of the first hot and cold, ready-to-drink beverage dispensing system, will launch a convenient countertop unit exclusively at Walmart U.S. stores this October along with more than 30 branded drink choices including chilled juice drinks, lemonade, sports drinks and vitamin fitness waters as well as iced or hot coffees and teas.

All selections, including Kraft’s Country Time Lemonade and Crystal Light varieties, Campbell’s V8 Splash selections, Apple & Eve juice drinks, China Mist teas, Sqwincher sports drinks and Esio’s signature Barista Brothers Premium Coffees and Teas and its Vita-24 Fitness Water, will be available in patented MultiServe E-Paks™ at Walmart this fall. More national brand beverage announcements are coming soon. The beverage system will retail at Walmart for under $200 and will include two free E-Paks, a $12 value.

The revolutionary drop’ndrink™ technology embedded in the Esio Hot & Cold Beverage System allows users to instantly switch from cold lemonade (no ice needed) to freshly-brewed hot coffee, with no taste crossover or clean up required. Users can even customize the strength of each beverage, whether a cup or a pitcher, to their preference.

“The fantastic feedback we’ve received over the past six years on our floor stand system compelled us to find a way to make our revolutionary technology available to the mass consumer audience,” said Frank Leonesio, founder and CEO of Esio Beverage Co. in a prepared statement.

“Walmart is the ideal premier retailer to launch this exciting next phase of Esio Beverage Company’s growth and we’re thrilled to make this state-of-the-art system available to consumers across the country,” Leonesio said.


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