Tri-State Automatic Merchandising Association Urges Vending Operators To Speak Out Against Proposed Beverage Tax In Philadelphia, Pa.

June 13, 2011

Tri-State Automatic Merchandising Association president Tony Buckholz, along with association lobbyist David Tive, have asked vending operators to contact the Philadelphia, Pa. city council and let them they oppose a tax on soda and sugar-sweetened beverages.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter is once again proposing a tax on soda and other sugary drinks as he and the city council look for ways to help alleviate the Philadelphia school district’s $650 million deficit, the association notes. A similar proposal was rejected by the lawmakers last year.

The proposed 2 cents per ounce tax would to bring in an estimated $80 million a year.

For a list of council members, contact Pam Gilbert at : 571-346-1901; Fax: 703-836-8262; email: [email protected].

Editor’s Insight: Mayor Nutter is determined to enact this tax. The vending industry must join other beverage interests in getting the word out to voters that they will have to pay more for soda and other beverages.

This is a regressive tax; the burden will fall disproportionately on low income residents at a time when they can least afford it. 06-13-11 by Elliot Maras