Investment Group Takes Over Hall of Fame Beverages Inc.

June 6, 2011

Both chief officers and directors Calvin Ross and Giovanni Luciano of Hall of Fame Beverages Inc. have resigned offices and transferred all their preferred shares to JAG Food and Beverage Holdings, LLC and Brad Godfrey. Hall of Fame Beverages has exclusive distribution rights of "Grand Ma Ma's Sweet Southern Tea," "Atomic Dogg Super Soda," "Grand Ma Ma Gourmet Southern Desserts" and other products it has promoted.

The new investment group will work Chief Business Development Officer Brad Godfrey to distribute tea and new products.

Godfrey said in a prepared statement, "We have just fully funded complete second production run of 'Grand Ma Ma's Sweet Southern Tea' production schedule for later this month. We are in final negotiations with a commercial bakery to produce 'Grand Ma Ma Gourmet Southern Desserts.' We have purchased 'Atomic Dogg Super Soda' ingredients, concentrate, sweetener and will contract with a bottler this summer for production run. Updates on many new developments will follow in coming days."

Hall of Fame Beverages, Inc. is a company dedicated to building long-term success through the creation, manufacture, distribution, and marketing of innovative non-alcoholic beverages and baked goods recognized for their fresh, standout brand identities that rise above the plethora of average products. Hall of Fame Beverages along with its strategic partners is signature brand product line Grand Ma Ma as well as through multiple innovations just on the horizon.