As Record Summer Heat Hits, Be A Hero, Pour On The Bottled Water!

July 7, 2010
As the record summer heat sizzles on, consider what that cold bottle of water on your desk means to you. Look deep inside that invigorating bottle opening and envision the full depth of opportunities.This past holiday weekend, those of us who attended outdoor gatherings plowed through the ice bucket in search of bottled water. At my gathering, the host found he was running low on water within the first hour. All the soda, beer, and juice became an annoyance as we reached for those precious bottles of water. Water won any imaginable taste test hands down!Summers not over. Nows the time to state your position, loud and clear.State your case. The anti-bottled water forces dont stand a chance. Those academic arguments against bottled water sound drier than the Sahara Desert. We humans are creatures in search of relief from natures cruel elements.Since the beginning of time, our species has been on a perpetual quest to refine its environment. In 2010, we can shelter ourselves from our primordial need for basic sustenance (and maybe listen to those academic statements about bottled water) for most days of the year. But that sheltered existence only lasts so long, then poof! Summer arrives. Mother Nature strikes again! Im thirsty, give me water!Your moment has arrived. Grab your digital camera. Take a picture of someone in the pool or in the lake and email it to your customers. Take pictures of your kids throwing water balloons at each other. Then follow it up with a picture of someone emptying a bottle of the precious nutrient over someone elses head. Courtesy of your company.Believe in your mission. As a bottled water provider, you are a hero! There is nothing anyone can say or do to change that fact!