Top 3 MicroMarket Tips

Oct. 4, 2015

365 Retail Markets provides simple answers to today's most common consumer questions surrounding a micro market. 

Finger print reader: One of 365 Retail Market's biggest hardware questions revolves around the finger print reader. First, check the surface for dust and debris. Then take a micro fiber cloth and water to clean the surface. Make sure not to use any alcohol-based products. 

Kiosk Network Connectivity: We also see request regarding kiosk network connectivity. If your kiosk is offline, start by restarting your kiosk, router and network modem onsite, then follow by plugging in a laptop to the network to find the source of the problem.

Account Info & Transaction History: The most common question consumers have for operators is their account information and transaction history. You can find these both in the customer information tab in SmartHQ. You can also adjust the account balance, PIN, email and name within this feature.