I Am The One: Signs Of A Good Customer Support Team

Good customer support is important when operating MicroMarkets as the technology within a MicroMarket is far more advanced than a traditional vending solution. As an operator, you need the ability to call into support at a moment’s notice to correct issues that may arise, ultimately impacting sales. Good customer support entails quick and seamless resolutions anytime day or night, but especially during the peak hours of 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. A solid support team is a reflection of how much your MicroMarket provider cares about your customers and your business.

A good customer support team embodies the motto, “I am the one.” Each representative should get on a call with the idea that, “I will be solving your issue today.” Having a support agent that is a patient listener, and confident in their responses makes a customer feel like this person really is here to resolve my issue and has the knowledge to do so. A support agent needs to exceed the customer’s expectations by following up and ensuring the issue has been resolved in a timely manner. Good support agents know how to diffuse a bad situation and surprise angry customer with a perfect solution for their issue. Knowing how to flip a negative situation into a positive experience is a key point to success.

The 365 Support team leans on our core iCASH values to provide optimal customer support on all calls received.

We have to continually innovate our call flows, knowledge base, and training programs to enrich and optimize each agent.

We are continuously collaborating with other departments and within our department. Our in-house support team works closely with our development team to ensure that our software is set up to best fit our customers’ needs. Within our department, we document any issues and concerns that are then shared with the entire team.

Each agent must be accountable for each and every call/case that comes through the department. This ensures optimum response and resolution times.

Service is, without question, the most valuable asset of our support team. Our customers are what drive the company and providing top-notch service forwards the entire company.

­Happiness is of utmost importance in any work environment, however it needs to be amplified in support. By keeping morale high, we are able to transfer positive energy to our customers, despite their frustrations, while we work to solve their problem.

At 365, we pride ourselves on having the best customer service in the industry. We have 24-hour support, live agents on the first call, and an average hold time of less than 60 seconds. We stand by our products and offer immediate overnight deliveries in the event of any hardware failures. We do this because our customers matter.

For more information on our offerings and world-class support contact us at 888-365-7382 or email us at [email protected].

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