365 and Avanti merge...So, what’s next?

Dec. 15, 2021
You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Vending Market Watch catches up with the transition team following the merger of self-checkout leaders 365 Retail Markets and Avanti Markets. Here's what operators need to know.

VMW: How will this merger help micro market operators succeed?

365: Operators are setup for success even more now that they have three convenience powerhouses under one roof. This partnership brings operators multiple resources to make more revenue and gain better opportunities. From warehouse automation systems to many best-in-class self-service innovations to strategic partnerships, operators have growth opportunities they have never had before.

What does this merger mean for the industry as a whole?

The convenience services sector is growing at a very fast rate. While we know that customers have many options, the Avanti, LightSpeed, and 365 partnership is a perfect example of how the unattended retail sector is changing – the opportunities for growth, innovation and new partnerships have exploded. Unattended stores are popping up everywhere and are a must to meet consumer’s needs.

With Avanti and LightSpeed a part of the 365 family, the innovative technologies provide the industry with a variety of greater convenience options and focuses on creating a more seamless self-service process for both consumers and operators, increase efficiencies, and lowering costs. 

With the merger, what are some features (technology, etc.) that will be available to 365 operators?

There won’t be any immediate changes; together overtime we will build connective tissues and create minimally disruptive options for our customers.  

We are focusing on integrating LightSpeed’s warehouse automation systems and make products from LightSpeed, 365, and Avanti available to all customers. The process is already underway as LightSpeed has many Avanti and 365 installations as part of its family of customers. LightSpeed systems are currently with over two billion products per year in nine countries. 

Innovation will not stop! All new technologies will include Avanti features that operator’s love, as well as features from 365 products such as the new PicoMarket. 

As of right now, if an Avanti operator has a question/issue, would they call their Avanti rep or 365?

The operator would call their Avanti rep—nothing has changed on how the operator does business with any company.

What are the "next steps" if any, for Avanti/365 operators? (will the companies operate under their own brand for the foreseeable future?)

As of now, the brands will stay intact and operate under the 365 Retail Markets umbrella. As we continue to grow, products, brands and partners will be woven together. 


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