365 Retail Markets showcases complete ecosystem of products at The NAMA Show

Sept. 23, 2021

Last month, The NAMA Show and Coffee Tea & Water finally came together in New Orleans for three days of networking, education and innovation. One of the many innovations at the show came from 365 Retail Markets with its introduction of the 365 PicoMarket, a tabletop, self-service technology. The PicoMarket is not only versatile, but it is extremely easy to use for both the operator and the customer. For operators, it includes quick and easy installation in just a few simple steps and can be connected via cellular, ethernet or Wi-Fi. There are also unlimited revenue opportunities with 365Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, contactless credit card reader and even a cash option. The PicoMarket isn’t just easy for the operator, but it’s seamless for the consumer, too.

Whether an operator wants to install the PicoMarket in an office of 10 personnel or 200, it is an extremely versatile technology that has a smaller footprint, leading to a lower startup cost. It can bring convenience to smaller locations and streamline the checkout experience in larger markets. The PicoMarket was built to be flexible, to fit any type of location (big or small) and provides an opportunity to get into unattended retail. As part of the PicoPlatform family, the PicoMarket is Connected Campus/GMA enabled.

Versatility continues

The innovation and versatile technology showcased from 365 Retails Markets didn’t stop with the PicoMarket. The company also introduced the MM6, a dining and micro market solution that features a single piece of hardware that can run multiple software platforms. The technology includes a large screen that allows operators to display advertising and promotional opportunities. Stay tuned for more from 365Dining at the 2022 NAMA Show.

365’s complete ecosystem of technologies is connected using the 365Pay app and operators have a complete one-stop shop to all things convenience with 365 mergers with other leading industry companies.

“It was great to finally be back at The NAMA Show this year,” said Mallory Wonoski, 365 Retail Market’s product manager. “After a crazy year and half, we finally debuted our PicoMarket as well as our new Dining Platform, MM6 and PicoCooler Breeze. PicoMarket was the star of the show, and we are excited to see its success for long after this year's show.”

NAMA attendees got the chance to go through the customer journey within the 365 booth where they demoed all of the company’s technologies and got exclusive access to the new ones. Attendees also had the chance to journey to partner booths to experience 365’s complete convenience holistic offering.

“It was great being reunited in person with our existing operator and supplier family at the NAMA 2021 New Orleans show and we made many new introductions also,” said Pam McKay, 365’s account services manager. “Seeing the reactions to our latest technology, such as the Pico family of products and the new MM6 kiosk, reinforced that 365’s innovative products provide the ultimate experience, for both operators and consumers. We had immediate orders placed while showcasing our products, which is the best measure of a successful show!”

Save the date for the next NAMA Show, which will take place from April 6 to 8, 2022, in Chicago.


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