simplifi™ BI Analytics and VendMAX™ 5.0.12, from Crane Merchandising Systems

July 11, 2019

Crane Merchandising Systems launched simplifi™ BI (Business Intelligence) Analytics and VendMAX™ 5.0.12 in February 2019.

simplifi is Crane’s next generation cloud platform for operators of unattended convenience services. It enables operators to manage their electronic payments, machine health and configuration, and business operations, with an embedded business intelligence and data analytics package.

BI Analytics is the newest simplifi module that allows users to gain valuable data insights from interactive, analytical dashboards and customizable reporting. simplifi BI Analytics is powered by data that sourced from simplifi Enterprise or VendMAX.

VendMAX 5.0.12, the latest release of the industry leading vending management software, includes integration to simplifi BI Analytics. VendMAX customers can now access key areas of their operational data from anywhere, anytime. Operators can create, modify and format reports based on their individual needs and save for future use.