Sprint Launches Machine To Machine Communication, Partners With Vendscreen

Oct. 8, 2012

Sprint has been at the forefront of machine-to-machine (M2M) breakthroughs for more than a dozen years. The company continues to power some of the world's most popular smartphones on its dependable and continually improving wireless network and is winning third-party customer service awards. Along the way, Sprint's Emerging Solutions Group has helped coordinate opportunities for developers and business partners to power their innovative M2M products on its network.

Recently, it's partnered with vending solutions company, Vendscreen.

According to Sprint, VendScreen relies on its network to wirelessly deliver nutritional data and advertising to displays mounted on vending machines while collecting real-time, point-of-sale data for analytics tracking (following nutritional information viewed, promotions redeemed, products bought, and other consumer behaviors). The Android™-powered VendScreen M2M product lets customers review nutritional data before they buy while providing the vending machine operators an easy way to help comply with the new calorie disclosure law. VendScreen also offers advertisers direct access to consumers for direct messaging at the time of purchase and the option to pay by credit card or use various payment options. The VendScreen user interface can be installed on new vending machines or retrofitted on almost any existing machine.

"We need a reliable and secure network to power our thousands of revolutionary touchscreen devices," said Glenn Butler, VendScreen co-founder and CTO. "We have to have M2M sales and engineering partners that are as passionate as we are to satisfy customers. That's why we're teaming with Sprint." 


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