CORA, Next Generation Telemeter, from Crane Merchandising Systems

July 11, 2019

Crane Merchandising Systems launched the telemeter CORA in January 2019. CORA includes a custom-designed 4G LTE antenna that exceeds carriers’ performance specifications, integrated Bluetooth connectivity, and seamless compatibility with all Crane-connected readers and touchscreens. Operators purchasing CORA with Crane Cashless can enable Bluetooth mobile payment through PayRange with no additional hardware. Operators using the simplifiMOBILE app can leverage CORA’s Bluetooth Low Energy feature to streamline driver and technician interactions with machines.

CORA has an easy installation process. High-powered magnets, simplified cabling, and cable-locking connectors eliminate the need for screws, zip ties and Velcro. CORA has a stronger signal strength, improved connectivity and tamper-resistant hardware features.