InOne Technology Releases New Control Boards, Eliminates Factory Board Lock-Up Issues

Oct. 3, 2019
InOne Technology
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Sparks, MD, October 2, 2019 – InOne Technology, LLC (InOne), is proud to announce the release of 3 new replacement kits to the OneBoard product line. Upgrade boards are now available for the Automatic Products Studio SL Series, Automatic Products Studio ST Series, and an expanded lineup of USI Snackmart 3 and 6 machines. The new boards eliminate factory board lock up issues that operators have struggled with while enabling telemetry, credit card acceptance, and many more modern features.

Gene Ostendorf, founder of InOne, stated, “InOne is pleased to add the Studio and Snackmart machines to our growing list of replacement controllers. Operators have been requesting boards for these older, workhorse machines and we are glad to be able to provide a solution for them.”

Enabling DEX and MDB in vending machines is an important step in fleet modernization. DEX allows product auditing, cash accountability, and pre-kitting, while MDB is the means in which various transactional devices operate and communicate with the brains of the vending machine. Utilizing both technologies is critical for efficiency and revenue in today’s competitive landscape.

“The new OneBoard kits are the most effective option for operators looking to modernize their fleet. Our kits reduce cost by extending use of trusted machines, enabling fast, in-field retrofits, and making machine service configuration simpler,” said InOne VP of Product Development, Ryan Ostendorf.” In an age of disposable electronics made overseas, ours are engineered and manufactured to last, right here in the US.”

InOne Technology, LLC is the industry leader of retrofit vending machine technologies including cashless, remote data collection, single-cup dispenser Roundabout machines, replacement controller boards and replacement doors. For three decades, InOne has remained committed to staying ahead of convenience technology trends by engineering innovative products that deliver intuitive solutions for our customers.


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