Crane “Get Connected” Program For Cashless

July 19, 2013

Crane Merchandising Systems offers its new “Get Connected” program for cashless capabilities. Following a successful field trial where it partnered with a new payment processing company, Crane will offer low credit card processing fees of 5.4 percent per transaction. The program features a simple plan (no long term contracts, low monthly fees with quantity discounts, and no required hardware purchase), and highly secure delivery of funds to customers via daily deposits directly from the payment processor, without needing to pass through Crane. Additionally, the new “Get Connected” program offers operators the ability to get more from their wireless connection, regardless of the equipment manufacturer. Whether connecting via Crane’s new Media machine or retrofitting existing machines (Crane or other), operators who choose to “Get Connected” with Crane for cashless transactions will receive MDB alerts via email and daily DEX reads which can be sent directly to any VDI-compliant vending management system. Customers will also gain access to the company’s new Streamware Connect online customer portal to review cash and cashless sales, and obtain deposit records, with much more future functionality already under >evelopment.