Richtech Robotics announces joint venture with Zipphaus to launch robot-operated cafes

April 16, 2024
The companies intend to launch the robotic beverage system ADAM in customer-facing locations inside hospitals, airports and schools.

Richtech Robotics Inc., a Nevada company and a provider of AI-driven service robots, announced a joint venture with Zipphaus Corp. to launch robot-operated cafes in hospitals, airports, colleges and universities. This strategic partnership brings together Richtech's pioneering robotics expertise with Zipphaus's operational proficiency to maximize development opportunities across the United States.

Through this joint venture, Richtech and Zipphaus will form Zipphaus Plus, LLC (JV), which will be focused on deploying Richtech’s ADAM robot alongside Zipphaus’ cafe management expertise. The JV aims to establish robot-operated flagship cafes in at least two locations at major hospitals as initial launch points.

“This joint venture represents a significant step forward in our mission to revolutionize the service industry through collaborative robotics,” Matt Casella, Richtech’s president, said in the announcement. “By combining Richtech’s innovative robots with Zipphaus’ proven cafe management expertise, we are confident that Zipphaus Plus will deliver an exceptional customer experience while enhancing operational efficiency.”

Under the agreement, Richtech will be responsible for providing and maintaining ADAM robots, the company’s advanced AI-powered service robots. Richtech will also offer ongoing technical support to ensure the robots operate efficiently. Zipphaus will leverage its cafe management experience to handle all aspects of daily cafe operations, including staff management, customer service, menu preparation, cost management and material purchasing.

"As pioneers in the service industry, we see immense potential in this partnership with Richtech," Lina Lee, Zipphaus Plus’s CEO, added in the announcement. “Together, we hope to redefine customer service standards and drive operational efficiency through our respective experience and management acumen."