Standard AI introduces new Zone Monitoring platform

Nov. 17, 2023
Standard AI announced its Zone Monitoring platform that offers a new way to use AI to address loss, inventory management and other operational challenges – with just a few cameras and the power of Standard AI’s Vision platform.

Standard AI, a world leader in retail AI, announced the extension of the Standard AI Vision platform that offers a new way to use AI to address loss, inventory management and other retail operational challenges. The first platform to leverage advanced visual AI in the most profitable sectors of convenience retail, new Standard Zones are offered today in the tobacco, beer, and fresh food/grab-and-go sections of the store. 

How Zone Monitoring works

Three to five cameras are installed over the transaction zone. The sophisticated visual AI monitors every interaction with the shelf. Out-of-stock notifications are delivered for real-time inventory management. Suspected theft is captured via video clip and is accessible by store management. The system provides analytics, trends and insights for a deeper understanding of shopping behavior and theft trends in that zone. 

The Standard AI Vision platform and new Zone monitoring offerings provide:

  • Enhanced customer analytics and smarter inventory management: Retailers can benefit from better profits through improved inventory control.
  • Theft deterrence: Standard AI’s technology captures suspected theft through video snippets available for management review and delivers insights on theft trends for actionable response.
  • Accessibility and affordability: For a low fee, authorized users can access video feeds and analytics from any web browser, resulting in a quick return on investment via theft reduction. The easy-to-install system requires only a few cameras coupled with a powerful back-end infrastructure.
  • Added features: Standard AI is currently planning for future features like ID check verification, point-of-sale (POS) area and voided transactions monitoring, cash handling surveillance, lottery tracking and planogram compliance.
  • The gateway to autonomy: Building on Standard AI's acquisition of SKIP, this product provides retailers with immediate solutions to present-day retail challenges while paving the way toward an autonomous future.
  • No facial recognition: Standard AI’s artificial intelligence platform does not perform facial recognition. 
  • No demographics: Standard AI’s artificial intelligence platform focuses solely on kinematics, such as the manner in which customers interact with shelves and does not ingest other information.

Going forward, Standard AI plans to bring the Vision platform to other sections of the store, including lottery, cash drawer, fuel and beyond. 


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