Shift4 collaborates with Amazon to offer checkout-free shopping at stadiums and arenas

Oct. 9, 2023
Shift4 implements VenueNext solution with Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology to eliminate checkout lines.

Shift4, a leader in integrated payments and commerce technology, announced it implemented its VenueNext solution with Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology for a seamless shopping experience for fans.  

Customers can use this solution at the United Center in Chicago, which is expanding from three stores powered by Just Walk Out technology to seven, enabled by Shift4’s VenueNext solution.

When entering the store, customers simply scan the venue’s mobile wallet, powered by Shift4’s VenueNext solution. The Just Walk Out technology detects what shoppers take from or return to the shelves and creates a virtual shopping session. When guests complete their shopping, they leave the store without waiting in line, and their VenueNext-powered mobile wallet will be charged for items they take.

“We’re excited to collaborate with Amazon to give customers the fastest and most convenient shopping and payment experience imaginable,” Anthony Perez, Shift4’s senior vice president of new verticals, said in the announcement. “Our unique and innovative technologies work together seamlessly for a truly futuristic checkout, so fans get back to the game sooner.”

In addition to the benefits of this implementation with Just Walk Out technology, venues can also enhance the transaction experience with Shift4’s complete ecosystem of commerce solutions for stadiums and arenas, including mobile ordering, point-of-sale, guest loyalty, kiosk ordering, and more.

“Shift4’s VenueNext solution furthers the frictionless shopping experience customers love about Just Walk Out technology,” Jon Jenkins, vice president of Just Walk Out technology, AWS Applications, said in the announcement. “With the venue’s mobile wallet powered by Shift4, shoppers will find a convenient way to enter these stores, purchase the items they need, and quickly get back to the game or performance. Stay tuned for additional venues with VenueNext for entry and payment coming soon.”

Shift4’s end-to-end solution for sports and entertainment venues is used by teams in every major professional sports league as well as colleges, entertainment venues and many other business verticals, transforming the way fans and guests shop, order, and pay.


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