Vendon launches new telemetry solution for traditional coffee machines

Oct. 3, 2023
Vendon has launched a new solution to make telemetry more accessible for traditional coffee machine operators.

Vendon, one of the world's leading telemetry providers, launched a new solution to make telemetry more accessible for traditional coffee machine operators, such as coffee roasters, cafe managers, machine manufacturers, coffee shop chain owners, coffee machine technical service companies as well as coffee baristas. 

The new Traditional Coffee Telemetry solution makes telemetry more accessible for traditional coffee machines. Operators are now able to access real-time data collected from the traditional coffee machines to monitor and manage them remotely. This will enable data-driven decisions to optimize business operations and enhance the overall quality of service, as well as customer experience and drinks. 

According to the announcement, accessing real-time data and measuring critical parameters impacts the quality of the coffee beverages produced, helping operators ensure that each cup meets the desired standards. Furthermore, if technical deviations occur, adjustments can be made remotely by the operator to fine-tune the machine's settings for optimal brewing.

“We are always very attentive to industry needs and, as a result, have created a multi-feature solution that not only collects precise real-time data, but also enables two-way communication with the machines, opening a vast range of telemetry tools for traditional coffee management,” Marta Fišere, product manager at Vendon, said in the announcement. “With our new Traditional Coffee Telemetry solution we can provide more information and allow coffee operators to elevate the industry to a new level.”

Additionally, the Traditional Coffee Telemetry solution allows more thorough maintenance and upkeep of machines – with a cleaning counter that provides detailed information on maintenance regularity. This feature, along with remote monitoring of all technical alerts, helps coffee machine owners make sure that the machine is used correctly, expands machine longevity and supports warranty repairs.

The new solution is fully compatible with Vendon vBox2, integrated with Vendon Cloud and will be presented in HOST 2023, a bi-annual exhibition that gathers the largest industry players. This year, Vendon will showcase the latest improvements of already existing functions as well as present the latest achievements in Traditional Coffee Telemetry along with other telemetry and payment solutions including QuickPik loyalty platform at stand E01 G02 at the Pavillion 24.