Cantaloupe moves to AWS Cloud Services to streamline manual processes, optimize platform for global expansion

May 23, 2023
Cantaloupe announced it has teamed up with Amazon Web Services to use the AWS cloud services and AWS as its preferred provider to handle its more than $2 billion in annual transactions in the micro-payments space.

Cantaloupe Inc., a digital payments and software services company that provides end-to-end technology solutions for self-service commerce, has teamed up with Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS) to use the AWS cloud services and AWS as its preferred provider to handle its more than $2 billion in annual transactions in the micro-payments space. This collaboration will streamline manual processes and better optimize the platform to expand globally.

“The move to AWS has given us the flexibility to configure and manage our own platform without the requirement of someone to prepare hardware for us,” Gaurav Singal, chief technology officer of Cantaloupe Inc., said in the announcement. “Having AWS as the backbone of our service delivery gives us high elasticity and scalability within the cloud, anywhere in the world. With AWS, we are better positioned to expand internationally.”

With Cantaloupe’s move to AWS, its customers are no longer reliant on one geographic region managing critical parts of its device infrastructure. Instead, Cantaloupe is able to create greater redundancy with a more pragmatic approach. This move also enables Cantaloupe to have a more solid foundation as the company modernizes and enhances its platform, as well as expands globally.

AWS offers a wide variety of additional tools to support Cantaloupe’s business needs and enables Cantaloupe the ability to deliver to its customers reliable products for self-service commerce. This also helps ensure that Cantaloupe can manage its IoT devices all in the cloud, through Cantaloupe’s own strong cloud-based platform.

“We’ve experienced nearly zero downtime in AWS since the migration,” Singal added in the announcement. “In fact, we are seeing performance and process improvements across the board. Where it would have previously taken our systems over three hours to go through complex payment workflows, now these same processes often take just 30 minutes to complete. Within our self-service commerce operations, we have increased productivity due to less time spent on infrastructure support and monitoring, and our teams can evaluate and implement AWS features to reduce costs even more. Our teams are happier with a more stable environment and are enjoying a better quality of life with fewer issues and stresses they had to intercept in the past.”

Rich Geraffo, vice president of North America at AWS, added in the announcement: “AWS provides the secure and reliable infrastructure that Cantaloupe needs to serve retail customers of all sizes and help them reach shoppers through digital promotion and loyalty programs. With more than 25,000 customers globally, and over 1 million active IoT and payment devices, Cantaloupe will use AWS’s broad functionality to help retailers monitor point-of-sale devices, optimize their inventory, and innovate new solutions that help improve the shopping and payment experience.”


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