Panera rolls out Amazon One palm recognition technology

March 30, 2023
Panera is the first national restaurant company to use Amazon One as both a way for guests to pay and access their loyalty account with their palm.

Panera Bread announced its planned rollout of Amazon One as a loyalty identification for MyPanera, its leading loyalty program with 52+ million members, and a contactless payment method. The technology is deployed at select bakery-cafes in Panera’s hometown of St. Louis with plans to expand to additional locations in the coming months. 

Panera is the first national restaurant company to use Amazon One as both a way for guests to pay and access their loyalty account with their palm.

Guests who link their MyPanera account to Amazon One will enjoy the convenience of fast payments, as well as tailored meal recommendations from Panera associates based on their preferences and previous orders. After a simple scan of the palm, Panera associates will be able to greet guests by name, communicate their available rewards, reorder their favorite menu items, or take another order of their choice. When they are done ordering, guests can simply scan their palm again to pay.

First-time Amazon One users can pre-enroll online or sign up when placing their Panera order in the bakery-cafe. It takes a minute for a Panera guest to link their credit card and MyPanera account to their Amazon One ID. If a Panera guest has previously enrolled in Amazon One at Amazon Go, Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods Market, or other locations such as airports and stadiums, they will not need to re-enroll at Panera – they can simply link their MyPanera account to their Amazon One ID online or in store. 

Enrollment in Amazon One is voluntary and includes opt-in consent, and guests can choose to use Amazon One for loyalty linking, payment, or both.

According to the announcement, guest participation is opt-in only, and Panera does not store personal palm data. Any private and personal data shared via Amazon One is securely stored and protected by multiple security controls, and palm images are never stored on the Amazon One device. All images are encrypted and sent to a highly secure area custom-built for Amazon One in the cloud where palm signatures are created. Amazon One is an optional service.


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