Thundercomm launches its Smart Vending Machine Solution

Jan. 12, 2023
The new solution by IoT product provider, Thundercomm, brings consumers a more convenient purchasing experience and helps vending machine operators improve their operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Thundercomm, a world-leading IoT product and solution provider, announced its all-new Smart Vending Machine Solution at CES 2023. According to the announcement, this new solution will not only bring consumers a more convenient purchasing experience but also help vending machine operators improve their operational efficiency and reduce costs.

The Smart Vending Machine Solution released by Thundercomm adopts advanced dynamic vision technology, which can capture, identify and analyze the whole purchasing process through the video record and then accurately identify the purchased goods and quantity. Consumers only need to open and close the door to complete their purchase. The solution also supports dynamic update of SKUs, which relieves vending machine operators from the retraining of commodity data and simplifies the process of new goods on shelf. This helps improve the operational efficiency and lowers the restrictions on container commodity display so that container space can be fully utilized, reducing operating costs.

Hiro Cai, CEO of Thundercomm, said in the announcement: “The Smart Vending Machine Solution is Thundercomm’s new achievement in the edge computing application field. Base on the profound accumulation, Thundercomm has come out with a wide range of edge computing products, including Edge AI Stations, AI intelligent cameras, IoT Harbor, ModelFarm, as well as various algorithms and solutions, which enable us to provide full-stack turnkey services to clients around the world. In the future, we will continue our efforts in the field and empower the digitalization of industries through advanced technologies and professional services.”


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