Japan software company integrates CyberLink’s FaceMe facial recognition into POS terminals of unmanned convenience store

Sept. 28, 2022
CyberLink’s FaceMe SDK solution combines the latest facial recognition and liveness detection technologies, utilized for payment processing through intuitive, accurate and secure identification.

CyberLink Corp., a world leader in AI facial recognition technology and multimedia software, collaborated with CAC Corporation (CAC) to integrate its AI facial recognition engine, FaceMe, into CAC’s facial recognition payment system. The existing unmanned convenience store, “Ministop Pocket,” within CAC’s headquarters, now utilizes facial recognition in their point of sale (POS) terminal.

To create a facial recognition payment system that requires only the end user’s face, CAC turned to CyberLink’s AI facial recognition engine, FaceMe. Deployed in February of 2022, CAC introduced the technology to 1,100 employees within its headquarter’s Ministop Pocket convenience store. After scanning items, instead of relying on cash, a card or mobile device, employees simply follow the payment flow on the POS screen and use their face to purchase items, with the cost deducted from their next paycheck. Not only has the payment system been welcomed by employees, but CAC’s Ministop Pocket also serves as a demonstration store.

Employees can easily enroll on the dedicated CAC registration website on any PC, from the office or home. An encrypted template of the employee’s face is then stored in the database for identity verification – verification that occurs within seconds and is easily monitored by the employee on the internal CAC website.

With a 99.73% accuracy rate, an error rate (false match rate) as low as 1 in 1 million, and secure built-in liveness and anti-spoofing capabilities, FaceMe couples the convenience of facial recognition with the assurance that the correct employee is being billed for goods in the least intrusive way possible. Employees can even place payment caps on their accounts.

“By incorporating facial recognition into CAC’s POS terminals, their employees can now effortlessly pay for items within their Ministop Pocket, even if they forget their wallet at their desk,” Dr. Jau Huang, chairman and CEO of CyberLink, said in the announcement. “The scalability and flexibility of CyberLink’s FaceMe also allows for future incorporation of additional analytical functionality, such as emotion analysis, to enhance employee wellness programs.”

An AEONgroup member, Ministop is a franchise-based convenience store chain servicing Japan and Vietnam. Ministop Pocket is an unmanned, smaller version of Ministop – a micro market – that utilizes cashless payments and may be installed in facilities such as offices, factories, hospitals and hotels. 


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