365 Retail Markets is revolutionizing warehouse management with LightSpeed

June 16, 2022
LightSpeed Automation offers best-in-class technologies for warehouse management and automation.

Businesses across the globe are adjusting to the growing in-person presence in various work environments as pandemic restrictions continue to ease. In preparation for this resurgence, 365 Retail Markets focused on product and service alignment as well as growth in order to anticipate consumer needs during the great return. One of its most pivotal business decisions was the acquisition of LightSpeed Automation, which offers best-in-class technologies for warehouse management and automation.

Built with simplicity and reliability at its core, LightSpeed’s suite of software automates manual processes to increase operator efficiency. LightSpeed’s products can be thought of in two categories: warehouse solutions and business solutions. In addition to seamlessly integrating with existing provider systems, LightSpeed’s automated selection systems not only eliminate the outdated practice of paper pick tickets, but also the human error that can sometimes accompany them. Additionally, its warehouse mapping system organizes selections based on the item’s warehouse location for a more efficient experience. LightSpeed Automation also boasts additional technologies facilitating an easier business process. These solutions include:

  • FastTrack – An advanced pick-to-light system for high volume operators.
  • Xpress – An affordable mobile selecting system for companies of all sizes.
  • Level - The most powerful inventory management system in the industry.
  • Vision - Easy to use digital advertising capability that generates revenue for our customers.

For over a decade, LightSpeed has simplified warehousing and other business solutions, and after joining the 365 family, it is reimagining the way unattended retail and dining are managed.


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