MagTek launches the DynaFlex II family of readers

April 7, 2022
DynaFlex II products read magstripe, 1D and 2D barcodes, EMV contact/contactless cards for all major card brands, NFC mobile wallets, and support for PIN encryption for banking.

MagTek, the world's leading supplier of secure payment technology, launches the DynaFlex II Family of readers. DynaFlex II and DynaFlex II PED deliver the next generation in security for payment and identification applications. Both models offer the most advanced security for reading magstripes, barcodes, EMV contact/contactless cards for all major card brands, NFC mobile wallets and support for PIN encryption for in-branch banking transactions.

DynaFlex II readers are best suited for merchants, banks, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), and developers looking to build a secure payment, and identification and authentication solution using the world's smallest, sleekest and most elegant terminal. Target markets include retailers, restaurants, hotels, entertainment venues, kiosks, and branch banking solutions for consumer identification and authentication. DynaFlex II products are durable, secure and cost-effective options for accepting and protecting sensitive card and consumer identification data.

"Combining security and dependability with multi-function reading options is a competitive advantage these days," said Roger Applewhite, MagTek's CEO. "As the payments eco-system becomes increasingly complex and the need for data security having become more important than ever, our customers and prospects need a wholistic, yet simpler approach to satisfy the demands of their customers while maintaining a high degree of security, operational flexibility, and good looks."

DynaFlex II readers are based on the MagneSafe Security Architecture and always encrypt sensitive payment card data using industry-proven TDEA encryption and DUKPT key management. The automatic encryption of data applies to anything that is formatted as payment card data. MagTek's free software developer kits (SDKs) for Windows and Android allow optional encryption of other types of data at the point of interaction. DynaFlex II readers are PCI PTS POI 6.x PED approved and are suitable for PCI P2PE validated solutions.

DynaFlex II readers are connected to Magensa LLC, MagTek's secure gateway and are ready to process payments with several leading payment processors and other endpoints.