Nayax backs Monyx Wallet with incentive program for unattended retail operators

April 21, 2021

Nayax is offering an incentive program aimed at encouraging unattended retail operators to embrace Monyx Wallet, the company's popular consumer engagement and digital payment platform.

The three-month campaign, which began April 1, rewards the operator for each app downloaded via the QR code linked to their machine, according to a press release.

"The campaign is aimed at new Monyx operators, existing operators who want to run a loyalty campaign and existing customers that intend to launch Monyx Prepaid’, explained Nayax chief marketing officer Keren Sharir. ‘With a general return to normal life now approaching and on schedule, this is the best possible opportunity for operators to add the numerous benefits of Monyx Wallet to their unattended retail offer.

"The take-up of payment apps in the past 12 months or so has demonstrated clearly that both operators and consumers are eager to go cashless," Sharir added. "Launching this incentive, at this time, is our way of gently pressing the accelerator pedal, so that all of our customers, and their end-users, are in pole position in the race to stay ahead of the retail curve."

The Monyx Wallet app was designed to adapt to an individual corporate identity, giving it an "in-house" appearance. When there is a problem with the vend, customers can be reimbursed digitally, eliminating the time that’s wasted in administering refunds.

"The incentive is designed to help companies that are yet to offer cashless payment and those that have yet to use Monyx to its full potential," said Nayax chief product officer Moshe Orenstein. "My team and I are ready to help. We’re eager to see even more customers begin to enjoy the benefits the app is delivering."

For more information about the Monyx Wallet incentive, click here.


[Image: Nayax]
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