VendCentral launches ZippyAssist customer service platform

March 23, 2021

Digital marketing agency VendCentral announced the launch of ZippyAssist, which is described as an “innovative customer service tool.”

The new cloud-based customer service platform is accessed via a simple text message. It effectively bridges the gap between operators and consumers who use their unattended equipment, VendCentral explained.

ZippyAssist can help operators fix problems faster, reduce out of stocks, improve route efficiencies and get feedback, among other issues.

VendCentral said that operators are recognizing ZippyAssist as a valuable enhancement to their services, and customers are responding positively to the solution’s convenience.

“Consistent product availability and quality of service are imperative with unmanned equipment. ZippyAssist helps operators ensure that,” said VendCentral chief executive Neil Swindale.

“If a problem arises," Swindale continued, "ZippyAssist allows consumers to reach out to their provider directly via a simple text message and feel confident that their issues are being addressed.”

Jeremy Oaks of Aurora Vending and Coca-Cola Alaska was among the first operators to partner with VendCentral for the ZippyAssist launch and, according to VendCentral, “loves the collaborative partnership.”

Visit VendCentral to learn more about ZippyAssist and schedule a product demonstration.