Vending on Track Announces its Connectivity as a Service Product

Dec. 15, 2020

Vending on Track's Connectivity Platform enables third parties to seamlessly integrate vending machines and other unattended retail equipment into their businesses using an API.  

Sydney, Australia Dec 3 2020 -​ Vending on Track Pty Ltd, a leading unattended retail technology provider in Australia, is proud to announce the release of its Connectivity-as-a-Service​ product - Connectivity Platform. This product empowers third parties the ability to integrate vending machines and other unattended equipment into their current business effortlessly using an API.

By implementing a few API endpoints, businesses can integrate vending machines into their existing software and mobile apps, leveraging Vending on Track’s proven connectivity technology and experiences. It removes complexities to assist software developers in areas like hardware manufacturing, firmware development, backend platforms etc.

This Connectivity Platform supercharges software businesses to focus on their core business activities, and this opens a vast range of opportunities for tech companies and developers who are interested in getting vending machines to communicate with their software or brands.

Connectivity Platform will gain popularities, and these are a few use cases,

-Coffee machine operators can easily integrate this technology to make operation more transparent and efficient while offering a branded experience for clients;

-Gyms can provide hydration and energy products to customers and encourage gym use;

-Construction and safety businesses can do monitored and controlled dispensing of PPE vending products with integrated safety mobile app technology;

-Digital wallets can connect to Vending on Track’s Connectivity Platform to increase their usage and popularity;

-The Buy-Now-Pay-Later market has grown enormously, and the demand for these companies to take full advantage of our system to improve their adoption rates is vast.

-The Connectivity Platform is now available to all interested parties, and Vending on Track is open to inquiries and EOIs via its website.

About Vending on Track Pty Ltd Vending on Track Pty Ltd is an Australian unattended retail technology provider. For more information about Vending on Track and its product lines, please visit​.