USA Technologies Announces Upgrade Program for 2G and 3G Devices

Nov. 5, 2020

With this upgrade program for 2G and 3G devices, USAT now offers operators the choice to include EMV   

MALVERN, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 5, 2020--

USA Technologies, Inc. (OTC: USAT) ("USAT"), a cashless payments and software services company that provides end-to-end technology solutions for the self-service retail market, today announced its initiatives in preparation for the wireless industry phasing out legacy 2G and 3G networks.

Mobile network operators across the globe and in the U.S. are beginning to sunset their 2G and 3G networks as 4G long-term evolution (LTE) is now the industry standard. USAT migrated most of its customers from 2G to 3G, but will work with those still on legacy devices, to complete the remaining 2G upgrades in the field. USAT is committed to making the transition seamless. To ensure business continuity, customers with devices that are reliant on either network generation will need to upgrade no later than end of 2022, although some carriers do have 2021 sunset dates. This will affect all ePort and Seed devices in the United States.

“It’s a testimony to our knowhow that so many of our legacy devices in the field have continued to operate and the longevity of our devices have outpaced the shelf life of the networks,” said Anant Agrawal, chief revenue officer, USA Technologies. “Throughout the years we have demonstrated keen foresight in developing our products, with the goal of protecting our customers’ investment to last as long as possible, underlining our dedication as a trusted partner. We remain steadfast in giving our customers access to the latest technology, through our integrated Platform as a Service and making sure it’s a value add to their business.”

USAT has developed an upgrade program that leverages its Platform as a Service (PaaS) and focuses on a choice of sensible plans to help operators maximize their capital investment. The combination of USAT’s innovative technology and future proofing gives them the ability to upgrade without too much spend and without the need to rip and replace. Many 3G devices currently in the field are equipped with an EMV Contactless card reader and will only require a 4G telemeter (G10s) upgrade. This will help get the most out of an operator’s deployed device footprint.

Continued Mr. Agrawal, “Change is a constant in technology, and the costs to keep up can add up as companies manage their investment. USAT has worked diligently to develop an upgrade program that is simple and straight forward. Our goal is to reduce our customers’ CapEx while helping maximize their return on investment.

For the small ticket unattended retail market, EMV contactless is all an operator needs particularly since consumers are quickly moving to frictionless methods of payment since the onset of the pandemic. It is likely that most will follow-suit with the way other countries that have implemented EMV. The USAT platform solution is designed to adapt to the evolutions in technology, as well as market demands; without it being disruptive or having to replace hardware or software, and by providing the best ROI. As mentioned in a press release earlier this week, operators now have the option to include EMV as part of this network upgrade. In addition, the Company completed a free over-the-air upgrade to enable EMV contactless to hundreds of thousands of readers in the field, with no upcharge or action needed by the customer.

To learn more about the network sunset and what if means for your business, please read our blog. Additional information regarding the 2G and 3G upgrade program can be found on the USAT website.

The full release may be viewed here


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