Fastcorp Offers Embedded vīv Touchless on All DIVI Machines

Sept. 1, 2020

Fastcorp now offers touchless mobile cashless technology on its DIVI vending machines, enabling consumers to view product options and nutrition information on their smartphones before securely purchasing through the vīv app.  

Chester CT, August 13th 2020 - As local economies consider how to safely reopen, workplaces are increasingly seeking solutions that eliminate physical touchpoints in all aspects of worklife. To better serve their customers during the current heath climate, Fastcorp, the world leader in frozen food vending machine sales and a pioneer of innovative vending technology systems armed with advanced robotics, has announced the availability of embedded #TrulyTouchless capabilities in their DIVI machines off the manufacturing line. These touchless capabilities result from their partnership with Vagabond, a leading technology provider working to modernize convenience services.

The touchless mobile cashless technology available through Fastcorp enables consumers to remotely view the menu of available options, plus detailed product information including nutrition info, before securely purchasing through the vīv app on their smartphones. The DIVI machine, which features Fastcorp’s patented robotics technology, is available in various machine configurations including frozen, refrigerated or ambient models, allowing customers to sell a wide range of consumer products, not just food, snacks or beverages.


Vagabond’s touchless cashless vīv platform provides a payment solution more secure than cash, swipe, or EMV technology. Operators of the DIVI machines can directly engage consumers at a personal level, email about product specials, schedule happy hours to reduce spoilage and/or increase sales and remotely adjust product prices at any time. Operators no longer need to worry about updating any payments hardware in the future as consumers keep their own smartphones up to date.

Colleen Morris, Vice President at Fastcorp stated, “We’re proud to partner with Vagabond and embed their vīv touchless cashless solution in our advanced DIVI machine. By offering a seamless, unattended retail experience to consumers, we’re helping workplaces keep their staff safe. We offer our customers and their consumers peace of mind during an unpredictable time with a solution that removes unwanted interaction with buttons or payments peripherals on the machine.”

Interested prospects can reach out to Fastcorp at by calling 203-739-0301 or by contacting the Fastcorp sales team at

About Fastcorp

Fastcorp Vending has been an industry leader in robotic retail and vending technology for decades. The DIVI machine contains the world’s most versatile and customizable technology, allowing endless possibilities in the automated retail space. Fastcorp Vending works with brands to create specific solutions that cater to their customers. Using our unique product storage and delivery system, the customer is presented with a contemporary user experience unlike that of a conventional vending machine.

About Vagabond

Vagabond ( makes technology that modernizes the vending industry. Its operations, communications and payments technologies serve the convenience services industry -- businesses that provide vending, food service and related provisions to workplaces. Operators use Vagabond's platform for inventory management, product merchandising, service scheduling, truck routing, and financial reconciliation. Vagabond’s IoT network delivers real-time business intelligence to operating teams in the field so they can maximize operating profits. Vagabond’s workplace payments application, called vīv, enables mobile pay at vending machines and convenience markets; order-ahead and delivery at cafeterias and restaurants; and the ordering and fulfillment of office, breakroom and janitorial supplies in the workplace. This comprehensive commerce platform allows Vagabond to provide data-driven services to consumer packaged goods companies enabling promotion of particular products to individuals in real-time depending on their buying habits. Vagabond powers the convenience services industry by maximizing sales through merchandising, minimizing cost through operational efficiency, establishing new revenue streams for operators, and providing consumers a convenient payment experience.


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