Renetec Develops Retrofit Kit for Touch-free Vending

Aug. 13, 2020

Renetec offers a solution for traditional vending machines by enabling product selection and purchase on mobile phones without any app installations.  

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 08/12/2020 Sunnyvale, CA: ​Today​ ​Renetec, Inc., an expert in embedded user interfaces, announces the release of a retrofit kit for traditional vending machines. The kit enables touchless product selection and purchases on mobile phones with just a QR code scan. This video shows how the product works. 

The process is very simple:

    1. The customer scans the QR code on the vending machine with a phone camera. No app installation needed.

    2. The website with products opens on the phone, and the customer makes selections.

    3. Payment can be made on the phone or machine.

    4. Once payment is processed, the product gets vended.

Renetec CEO Sasha Shturma mentions: “Like many businesses during this unprecedented time, we had to adjust. While doing so, we’ve created an exciting and unique product that we hope will empower both customers and operators of vending machines. We want people to feel safe using vending machines and also have the best user experience”.

Key highlights of Renetec’s new product:

● Hygienic​. No need to press any buttons on the vending machine, selection of products is done on the phone.

●  Easy to use​. The only solution on the market that does not require additional app installation and registration.

●  Modern​. Zero-clutter interface with only useful data, like product price, volume, and nutrition.

●  Informative​. It provides telemetry, inventory, and vending machine health data.

More information is available here

About Renetec, Inc.​: Renetec was founded in 2019 by ex-Facebook and Tesla engineers. The company specializes in embedded interfaces. Renetec is a manufacturer of display modules and SDKs for GUI development. 500 Startups portfolio company.



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