McAfee Researcher Urges Consumers To Be Aware Of Security Of IOT Gadgets

Feb. 28, 2019

A security researcher on McAfee’s Advanced Threat Research team investigated the security of a Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker with Wemo and was able to find a vulnerability it has to hacking. He explains in an article how he was able to change the coffee maker’s brew schedule through hacking and urges consumers to ask themselves upon purchasing new Internet of Things (IOT) gadgets to ask themselves if the gadget truly needs to be connected to the internet as these devices may be overlooked from a security standpoint.

Editor's Insight: While the author of this article was "hacking" a home brewer, the reality is that connecting equipment makes it vulnerable. Operators should discuss the benefits (read protections) surrounding their connected coffee equipment, vending machines and micro market kiosks. Not being on the company's WIFI is a start, but there's more protections offered by your technology partner. Knowing these additional protections strengthens your technology and security talking points when selling new accounts.  


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