Destini Partners With Vengo To Deliver Product Sampling Through 1,000+ Interactive Vending Machines

Dec. 5, 2018

Destini, the leading product-locator and store level intelligence platform for CPG brands across the U.S. and Canada, announces its partnership with Vengo, Inc., the nation's leading interactive vending machine and sampling network with more than 1,000 locations across gyms, colleges, hotels and corporate offices. Destini will offer CPG brands digital media and sampling campaign opportunities targeting hard to reach consumers near retailers selling those products.

The Destini-Vengo partnership combines proprietary digital technology to offer a memorable, educational and interactive sampling experience for consumers while driving scalable product trial and growth for brands. Aiming to democratize costs of traditional marketing campaigns, brands can maximize both the reach and depth of consumer engagement to generate a higher ROI from their shopper marketing budgets, with campaigns starting at under $20/day. Vengo's customizable interactive display allows custom graphics and HD video, resulting in a high conversion rate of samples distributed and valuable consumer insights.

"We're excited to offer brands an innovative way to reach and engage consumers where they are in the real world; meeting them where they live, work, and play," said Destini founder & CEO, David Navama. "Combining digital storytelling with the gratification of a tangible product sample delivered in real-time creates an incredibly memorable exchange between the brand and consumer."

"Vengo is enabling brands to reach into the most relevant and hard to reach spaces. We look forward to setting a new bar for interactive sampling campaigns with Destini, offering brands unprecedented access to 20,000,000+ unique impressions and over 160,000 distributed samples each month," added Vengo CEO Brian Shimmerlik.

To learn more about the program, contact Kyle Volenik, Director of Brand Activation at [email protected] or visit

About Destini:Destini is the leading store-level data product locator and intelligence solution across the U.S. and Canada for the CPG industry. Founded in 2012, Destini developed the largest centralized product availability database in the U.S., connecting data from 100,000+ retail locations. Destini offers data-driven sales and marketing solutions to help brands connect consumers to their products. Visit  

About Vengo Labs, LLC:Vengo Labs, LLC is operator of the nation's largest digital branding and sampling network, manufacturing interactive kiosks with an easy-to-use interface gathering enhanced analytics for brands. Visit to learn more.


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