First-in-Market xKeyPad™ Application By MobileDemand Expands Windows® Tablet Mobile Workforce Capability

May 11, 2018

HIAWATHA, IA – May 10, 2018 – MobileDemand, a leading rugged tablet provider, has introduced xKeyPad, a patent-pending software utility to complement the company’s Family of TabletsMicrosoft Surface Bundles, or any tablet running Windows 10. After completing a review of xKeyPad Conrad Blickenstorfer, Editor-in-Chief of commented, "MobileDemand has become a leader in creating innovative apps to go with tablet hardware. There is no doubt that apps like xKeyPad make tablets easier to use and enhance productivity.”   

xKeyPad is a productivity tool used to enter numbers faster with a persistent numeric keypad, also offering optional barcode scanning that utilizes the integrated camera to scan 25 different types of barcodes. The app enables data collection on a single device in a mobile environment, without the need for add-on keyboards, expensive integrated barcode scanner options, or separate handheld scanner.  

xKeyPad is a solution for mobile workers who enter numbers frequently, allowing for faster, more efficient data entry. In line-of-business applications on-the-go, most data entered are numbers, such as quantities, prices, SKUs, locations, or other measured or observed information such as dimensions or quality scores. Utilizing the standard keyboard available in Windows 10 for numbers can be cumbersome, frustrating, and time consuming as the user must touch to open it, switch to the keypad, and eventually close the keyboard to get back to the application. Alternatively, the persistent on-screen xKeyPad offers maximum productivity by snapping to the screen, leaving other applications fully viewable and accessible.   

“MobileDemand is not only a rugged tablet hardware provider. We are advancing into a broader strategy to provide a variety of tools to get the job done, not just the hardware,” said MobileDemand President Matt Miller. “xKeyPad will save workers countless hours each year in their day-to-day responsibilities, driving cost savings for their companies.”  
xKeyPad features include customizable “snap” placement of the keypad to maximize usage for left- or right-handed users, custom function key formatting, programmable actions to increase productivity, and support of all major 1D/2D symbologies with pre- and post-ambles for barcode scanning. Users can scan a single bar code at a time or scan multiple codes.  

MobileDemand currently offers a monthly subscription for xKeyPad; an annual subscription will soon be available to fit customer needs. xKeyPad is available for download on Windows 10 devices in the Microsoft Store and Microsoft Store for Business.   

More information about xKeyPad is available at, or contact a MobileDemand Mobility Expert at 319.363.4121 or [email protected] 

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