VendingMetrics Launches Advanced Telemetry System

April 3, 2018

VendingMetrics is a family company which was derived from VendingStyle, a vending machines business in Szczecin (Poland). Thanks to our 20 year experience we developed an advanced telemetry system which made our work so easy.  


How VendingMetrics works?  

Vending machines can be connected to our telemetry thanks to: 

  • cashless terminal integration 
  • small device we can provide  
  • any other device. We can integrate any device which can handle sending HTTP requests to our server and create metrics on top of it.  


We are in cloud 

All information is stored on cloud so you always have access to your machine’s state and latest transactions. With profesional dashboard you can control all data easily and track missing products which will make your company more efficient and effective.  


Access levels 

We distinguish two types of accounts in our system.  

  • Manager who can see all data details of company. 
  • Supplier who can see only shortages in vending machines and refill them using mobile version of website 



Work smart, not hard 

Our supplier, Peter (Piotr), saves up to 2 hours each day thanks to that he can check shortages right away in his phone. 

After supplying the machine he can just tap to refill selected products or refill whole machine just in on click.    


Custom integrations 

We know that different client has different requirements, in order to meet client demanding we provide custom integrations. 


What can be an integration?  

Anything you can think of. Do you use sophisticated invoicing software or car tracking system? No problem, we can integrate it and develop user interface so you can manage it in our platform. 


Best features 

  • track product shortages and supplies in realtime 
  • monitor health your machines 
  • manage your warehouse with Virtual Magazine 
  • support for any kind telemetry devices 
  • custom integrations with any kind of online services  
  • modern, user friendly system available on mobile devices 


Contact in order to check demo version. If you are interested in cooperation with us, we will be happy to meet you! 


VendingMetrics Team