Nick Yates, Chairman At Reis & Irvy’s, Shares His Thoughts On The Vending Industry And Machine Learning

March 2, 2018


Recently, Nick Yates wrote a piece for VentureBeat discussing both technology and how it’s shaping the new age of vending innovations. Yates’ extensive background in the vending industry provides him with the credentials to speak on the topic. As Chairman of Reis & Irvy’s, a fully automated, robotic Frozen Yogurt kiosk franchise, Nick Yates’ knows a lot about vending and technology. 

In the article, Nick Yates goes into detail about the advancements happening in the vending space: 

“Today’s vending machines are far smarter than their ancestors, and those with smart software and hardware prove it. For new-age machines, intelligence means interacting with your smartphone and logging your preferences or carrying out unique orders tailored to your needs. These machines incorporate machine learning and algorithms to better serve their users. Some can even make recommendations based on your preferences, just like Netflix does with movies. 

Vending machine technology is advancing across the world, and innovation in this field is everywhere if you know where to look. With machine learning keeping pace with robotics, already-impressive machinery is setting the bar high.” 

Nick Yates goes on to reflect how, just like any industry, concepts and technologies can come with a downside. He states that “with any form of automation, job loss is a concern. Some people have privacy concerns. To top it off, the technology is not always being applied well” 

However, it is easy to see that when applied correctly, vending and AI have some real staying power. Nick Yates sums it all up in the article with a nice bit about their contributions to sustainability. Vending products “can also reduce waste and cost by using analytics and AI engines to help achieve the optimum mix of product, space, and price.” 

As Nick Yates sees it, the vending space, when executed well, has real staying power. 

About Nick Yates: Nick Yates is a successful serial entrepreneur based out of San Diego, California. Over the course of his long and varied career, Nick Yates‘ passion has always been focused on offering simple, healthy food to consumers on the go. While pursuing this dream, he has remained at the forefront of various technological advances in both the US and his native Australia. Nick Yates’ dedication to both healthy food choices and revolutionary technology have kept him on the bleeding edge of the vending industry. 

Nick Yates obtained his background through a degree program completed at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia. Nick Yates emerged with a dual baccalaureate degree in both business and marketing. After graduation, he spent his time over the next 20 years gaining experience as a leading professional in his industry. 

Nick Yates currently serves as the Chairman and CEO of Generation NEXT Franchise Brands, a public company that is driven by revolutionary concepts. Of those concepts, Reis & Irvy’s and 19 Degrees have earned Nick Yates and Generation NEXT Franchise Brands various accolades and well-deserved recognition. 

About Reis & Irvy’s: The Reis & Irvy’s FroYo Kiosk is the first fully automated frozen yogurt robot vending machine to ever hit the market. This amazing kiosk serves up to nine incredible flavors and a choice of six delicious toppings in just 60 seconds or less. It’s a fully enclosed point-of-sale system that offers an interactive, robotic kiosk and incredible sensory experience. 

The company launched a beta-phase production at the end of 2017, followed by full-scale production plans in 2018 with an anticipated rollout of approximately 250 units per month. Soon the Reis & Irvy’s experience will change the landscape of the frozen yogurt world forever.