Yoke Payments Integrates To Triteq Locks

Nov. 30, 2017

Yoke Payments and Triteq have joined forces to create a solution that turns any cooler into a smart market. 

With the Triteq lock and Yoke Payments technology, customers now must make a purchase before being granted access to the cooler. With the Yoke platform customers have two ways to purchase products. They can either use the in-market terminal or buy using the Yoke smart phone app. Once payment has been accepted, the customer opens the cooler and grabs their items. The cooler automatically locks when it shuts. 

With the Triteq reporting and analytics dashboard, operators have constant temperature monitoring and a time stamped track record of all cooler opens. Combining this data with payment information and camera footage significantly decreases shrinkage. This integration provides operators an added level of security and payment functionality. 

Contact Yoke Payments for more information Info@yokepayments.com or 805-372-1637.