LightSpeed Announces Integration With Lane Jumper

Oct. 31, 2016
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LightSpeed Automation announces a new integration with Lane Jumper, a self-checkout mobile payment and product management system for micro-market operators. LightSpeed Automation specializes in improving operator profitability by focusing on improving efficiency in the warehouse.  Both their pick to lights system and mobile iPad picking solutions will increase the number of units picked during the prekitting process, reduce employee mistakes and allow operators to reduce labor cost in the warehouse. The system is easy to use and makes training new employees seamless to the point that many operators can use part time help as opposed to full time.  

“We are excited about our partnership with Lane Jumper. This integration will provide operators the technology that they need to be competitive in the micro-market sector at an affordable cost and aligns with LightSpeed’s commitment to improving our operator’s efficiency and profitability,” said David Marler, VP of Sales & Marketing, LightSpeed Automation. 

Lane Jumper is designed to effectively address technology gaps that keep operators from jumping on a faster growth curve in terms of the number of locations and market profitability. Lane Jumper allows market users to download an easy to use mobile payment application to make purchases at the market, allowing sales, installation, investment and management to be more profitable, as well as easier and quicker to install. 

“Our integration with LightSpeed Automation will allow our operators to more seamlessly leverage our technology, while fully keeping the benefits they currently receive from LightSpeed. Now, operators can submit their micro-market orders directly from Lane Jumper to LightSpeed, then have the final order quantities updated in Lane Jumper automatically,” said Miguel Florez, CEO & Founder, Lane Jumper.


lightspeed vending 55c67005145ee

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