PayRange Introduces BluKey Smart Mobile Payment Device For Amusement Machines

March 15, 2016

PORTLAND, OR (March 15, 2016) – PayRange Inc., maker of the world’s simplest mobile payment solution for machines, introduces their newest device, BluKey Smart™ in conjunction with the kickoff of the 2016 Amusement Expo held in Las Vegas, NV. This addition to the PayRange hardware product line is designed to work with amusement machines and other types of machines that accept payments. BluKey Smart provides the same mobile payment functionality as the original PayRange BluKey™ and BluKey Plus™ devices for vending, but includes multiple power inputs and connections for easy integration with a variety of machine interfaces.

Several amusement-specific features have been designed into BluKey Smart. These include the ability to accept a wide range of power inputs – either AC or DC, voltage as low as 5 volt via a mini USB, to as high as 240 volt via high-voltage AC. Beyond power requirements, the device includes several ways to connect to the machine to register payment, allowing amusement operators the flexibility to add PayRange to all of their equipment, regardless of type.

“Amusement operators run a wide variety of equipment; everything from decades old classic arcade games to brand new pinball machines, redemption games, skill cranes, kiddie rides, photo booths, darts, air hockey and more. It was important that PayRange design a device that would bring the convenience of mobile payment to these operators in a flexible package so they can self-install on all of their equipment.” stated PayRange founder and CEO Paresh Patel, a former vending and amusement operator. “With BluKey Smart, we now have a robust device covering all of the bases for amusement operators.”

PayRange is also launching multi-credit, or bonus pricing as it is also called, allowing an operator the flexibility to offer a discount on multiple plays if paid for all at once. For instance, a game may be priced at $0.50 a play or three plays for $1.00. This feature is configurable by the operator using the PayRange web management console and can be changed at any time. Multi-credit pricing is available on some games as a factory-configurable option, but this sales-boosting feature is now available on every game when the user pays with the PayRange App.

In addition, dynamic pricing feature is also being launched at AMOA. Dynamic Pricing allows an operator to set pricing based on schedules such as happy hour pricing. Like multi-credit, dynamic pricing allows an operator to change mobile payment pricing schedules remotely without the need to visit the machine. Multi-credit and Dynamic Pricing are available for pulse machines only and those features are not supported by Multi-Drop Bus (MDB) vending machines.

And for the first time ever, amusement operators also have the ability to get real-time analytics on their equipment in the field. Using the PayRange app in “operator mode”, they can view daily, weekly, monthly, and annual sales information that is updated hourly. In addition, insightful data such as lifetime mobile sales, number of active devices and average sales per user are also available. Finally, operators who install PayRange on their equipment also receive deposits of mobile sales automatically via weekly ACH, something almost unheard of in an industry dominated by quarters.


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