Eurest Launches eDine App

Aug. 28, 2015

CHARLOTTE, N.C., Aug. 24, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Millennials account for 22-24% of restaurant spending today. By year 2020 that figure will be upwards of 40%. Understanding what attracts millennials to dine in onsite cafes and how to communicate with them is essential to Eurest's success. Eurest's Onsite Insight team conducted numerous focus groups to ask customers what they were looking for in a dining experience and how best to communicate with them. After speaking with thousands of customers across the U.S. and researching app trends, Eurest developed eDine.

"One of the first to adopt the app, a technology-focused company in San Diego, has already seen a large increase in users in the past 6 months," said Tatianna Emerson Eurest Regional Marketing Manager. "Since its inception, the user-base has grown significantly month over month, with its first month showing 43% user growth and at least 15% growth each consecutive month."

Edine is focused on key millennial attributes; gaming, frequency rewards, news feed, push notifications, and a 'refer a co-worker' feature. In the onsite corporate dining world, employees across the U.S. are enjoying the eDine app which makes dining-in more enjoyable and rewarding for employees.

"Our customers love the convenience, it's easy to use and makes them feel more connected to the café," said Christa Wizeman, General Manager.

"We developed the eDine app to connect with our guests in an easy, convenient, fun and rewarding manner as well as provide targeted communication to promotions and events in the Café," said Lisa Lahiji, Vice President of Marketing for Eurest. "Clients like that we have listened to our customers and developed a strategy to reach non-users and make our current users experience even better."

Customers at any of the 1,400 Eurest locations may join in on the app excitement. Not only do Eurest customers look for it, they expect it!

About Eurest
The globally recognized Eurest launched in 1996 in the US and provides dining services to local, regional and national companies within the Business & Industry markets, including employee dining centers, on-site catering, vending, executive dining rooms, and other managed services. Eurest is proud to serve the world's most respected and successful corporations, including many of the Fortune 500.

Eurest is a $1.4 billion food and vending organization with 1935 locations and more than 15,500 associates throughout the US. Eurest serves more than 705,000 customers daily and is a division of NC-based Compass Group North America.  Compass Group North America is the leading foodservice management and support services company with $12.8 billion USD in revenues in 2014. With over 506,000 associates worldwide, its parent company, UK-based Compass Group PLC had revenues of $28.4 billion in the fiscal year ending September 30, 2014.


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