VendScreen Announces New CRM Features For Industry-Leading Touchscreens

Aug. 17, 2015

Portland, Ore., August 14, 2015 – VendScreen, the industry’s leading manufacturer of retrofit touchscreen devices, announced that their touchscreens now support real-time reporting, refund codes and one-time use promotion codes. These programs further differentiate the touchscreen experience from other cashless systems. The simple, over-the-air upgrade occurs seamlessly to current customers with VendScreen touchscreens.

Via a help screen, customers can report issues with the vending machine from “out of stock” to “product jam” or “not taking bills”. These features allow customers to communicate with operators in real-time. Operators receive an instant text message or email alerting them to the problem. Customers can optionally submit their phone number to request follow-up. 

In the event of a product jam or no vend situation, Manual or Instant Refund Codes allow operators to provide customers with refunds in the form of a free vend. Refunding money to customers often costs 10 to 15x the actual cost of the item. Refund Codes save the hassle of mailing funds to customers or keeping cash on hand, and also improve the customer experience, for less than the cost of a stamp. Instant and Manual Refund Codes have been successfully beta-tested by many operators who love the feature. 

“Being able to communicate with customers helps me better manage my business, and keeps our customers happy,” says Brad Bohlin, owner of All Texas Vending. “They get a refund while they are still at the machine, which is a customer delighter.”

Promotional codes allow operators to provide sites with a set of unique codes that provide a free vend. Sites love the ability to reward employees as part of a company-wide event, or to provide codes on an individual basis for a job well-done. Some beta-test operators have even branded the codes with their logo for marketing purposes. Tara Vina Roth, owner of Vina Distributing, says “We love the freedom to give our customers a free vend or refund any time. Our customers simply love the convenience!” Codes can be purchased directly from VendScreen in packages of 100 or more. Learn more about refund codes and promotional codes at​​

About VendScreen Inc.

VendScreen, Inc. is the industry’s leading manufacturer of retrofit touchscreen devices for vending machines. VendScreen devices are powered by a proprietary cloud-based computing platform that enables cashless transactions, dynamic product and nutrition information, on-screen promotions, and centralized remote monitoring. For more information, please visit