CPI Blog: Are Your Cashless Transactions Stuck In Traffic?

July 16, 2015
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Traffic is an obstacle that can affect the stability of your vending machine performance, particularly your cashless and telemetry transactions, says CPI. As part of its weekly blog series, CPI discusses the large amount of traffic on wireless networks coming from personal and business devices. This traffic can slow things down and cause failures on devices such as vending machine telemeters.

To improve telemeter traffic signal, CPI suggests testing the signal in areas before purchasing and installing a machine in order to determine the best network signal. They also suggest identifying the area at the account with the best signal. They recommend staying away from basements. Third, CPI recommends ensuring the antenna is affixed to the top of the machine and at least 8 inches away from any other antenna. Lastly, a signal booster may also be beneficial to gaining signal strength. Read the full blog here.


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