USA Technologies Partners With M&M Sales Company To Expand Cashless Systems To All Vending Machines In Their Portfolio

May 20, 2015

MALVERN, Pa., May 20, 2015 -- USA Technologies, Inc. announced an exclusive market agreement with M&M Sales Company, a Canteen franchise with locations in Lafayette, Houma and the Lake Charles area of Louisiana. Through the agreement, USAT would connect 100% of all of M&M’s vending, self-service, single cup coffee and rapidly growing micro-market locations that are not already connected to USAT’s ePort Connect service. The Service provides state-of-the-art cashless and telemetry services that enable and track the acceptance of cash, credit/debit card, and mobile wallet payments such as Google Wallet and Apple Pay through its NFC-capable ePort Connect cashless payment system. The Companies believe the goal of achieving a 100% connected machine base will give M&M a clear advantage over their competition—just another example of the forward-thinking business philosophy that has made them successful for the past 40 years.

In addition, as part of the agreement, M&M is able to participate in USAT's unique MORE.™ customer engagement and loyalty program which is designed to incentivize, reward and retain consumers through pro-active marketing, awareness and rewards.

A third-generation family business, M&M Sales Company operates 25 full-service vending routes servicing approximately 4,000 vending machines and single-cup coffee brewers as well as a growing number of micro-market locations. Building on its more than five-year relationship with USAT, the company plans to equip all of its point-of-sale locations with the ePort Connect system, featuring mobile payment technology, within the next five years to achieve 100 percent wireless connectivity and cashless payment capabilities.

“Our partnership with M&M Sales Company is a great example of how smart, forward-thinking companies that service a wide variety of consumer profiles  are evolving to adopt cashless and mobile payment technology,” said Steve Herbert, Chairman and CEO, USA Technologies. “Cashless and mobile payments are no longer the ‘future,’ they are the ‘now.’  We look forward to partnering with M&M in the planning and deployment of ePort Connect and collaborating on marketing initiatives which we believe would bring more value to their customer base, increase efficiencies and drive additional sales and participation across the board.”

“For forty years we have prided ourselves on offering the best customer service, technical expertise, and most progressive product portfolio in the market,” said Chuck McMath, President, M&M Sales Company.  “Integrating USAT’s ePort technology is a natural progression for us.  Today’s customers prefer to pay with their card or mobile wallet, and we believe USAT’s end-to-end solution will not only enhance consumer experience, but improve our economics. USA Technologies is the leader in the market and our natural choice. They have been able to guide our deployment process, support our installation and partner on marketing, consumer education and awareness. No one else in the industry offers this kind of experience and support.”

This five-year exclusive agreement also provides for joint marketing initiatives designed to elevate the awareness of M&M in their region as well as increase awareness of cashless capabilities, which we believe would further increase sales and participation at ePort-equipped locations.

M&M’s integrated service solution would offer customers a portfolio that includes traditional vending, single cup coffee brewers and the innovative Avenue C Micromarket solutions all equipped with USAT's turnkey ePort® and ePort Connect cashless payment and telemetry products. The strategic relationship enables M&M to quickly and safely accept credit, debit and mobile payments such as Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Samsung Pay and all other NFC payment devices, while implementing USAT's ePort Mobile™ and ePort Online solutions to integrate payments, loyalty programs and consumer experience enhancements across all of their evolving business segments.


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