Visa Announces An Online Toolkit To Help Business Owners With EMV Adoption

May 5, 2015

Visa Inc. introduced a set of resources to help business owners manage the transition to chip technology for credit and debit cards. The toolkit provides merchants with a 10-step implementation guide, downloadable tools and resources, and a module to train employees on accepting chip cards at the point-of-sale (POS).

“Chip technology will bring an important new layer of security for credit and debit cards by helping to make stolen account information useless to criminals,” said Stephanie Ericksen, vice president of Risk Products, Visa Inc., in a press release. “It is a priority to increase merchant awareness and understanding, given a liability shift in October 2015, after which merchants who are not ready to accept chip cards may be responsible for counterfeit fraud.”

This announcement comes as the U.S. Small Business Administration kicks off National Small Business Week (May 4 – 8). Visa is also continuing its Small Business Chip Education Tour across the country to engage businesses directly through partnerships with local Chambers of Commerce, financial institutions, processors and solution providers such as Square. Upcoming events include Cincinnati (May 5), Albuquerque (May 7), Sacramento (May 14), Boston (May 20), San Francisco (May 22), and Los Angeles (May 28), with more cities and dates to be added.


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