VendScreen Unveils Even More Features For Industry-Leading Touchscreens

April 21, 2015

Portland, Ore., April 20, 2015 – VendScreen, the industry’s leading manufacturer of retrofit touchscreen devices, announced that their touchscreens now support manual credit codes and student pin code programs. These programs further differentiate the touchscreen experience from other cashless systems. The simple, over-the-air upgrade occurs seamlessly to current customers with VendScreen touchscreens.

Manual Credit Codes allow operators to provide customers with refunds in the form of a free vend to offset non-vended products or customer issues. Refunding money to customers often costs 10 to 15x the actual cost of the item. Credit codes save the hassle of mailing funds to customers or keeping cash on hand, and also improve the customer experience. Instant credit codes have already been used successfully by many operators to provide refunds while the customer is at the machine. Manual credit codes allow operators additional levels of control over refund dispersal. 

VendScreen touchscreens now support established student pin code programs, such as NUTRIKIDS and MySchoolBucks. This allows students to access a stored value account via pin code to dispense vending machine items. The program is part of the POS payment program in K-12 schools, and provides another way for VendScreen operators to differentiate their offering to site locations and the end consumer.  “I approached VendScreen with the idea to tie the current cafeteria POS pin system in with vending to create a unified Campus solution, which will ultimately increase vending sales”, says Michael Cascione, Jr., Executive Operations Manager of CC Vending, Inc. “They have worked with me to make it happen quickly and efficiently. The beauty of over the air updates with VendScreen means I can satisfy my customer’s request to enable student pin codes with no additional hardware requirements.”

Additional updates include a new user interface that provides more choices for customers, and updates to the NAMA FitPick parameters based on the latest standards.


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