New Upgrades To Cantaloupe Systems Seed Cloud™ Enable Paperless OCS Operations

April 16, 2015

San Francisco, CA – April 15, 2015 – Cantaloupe Systems, the vending industry’s premier provider of cloud-based, mobile technologies that deliver an integrated end-to-end vending solution, today announced upgrades to Seed Cloud, its easy-to-use, modern vending technology platform. The upgrades include an enhanced Seed Mobile™ app with support for Seed Delivery™, Cantaloupe Systems’ cloud and mobile solution for Office Coffee Service (OCS) and other delivery business.

Seed Mobile, winner of the NAMA Innovation Award, is a modern iOS app for iPhones, iPads, or under-$200 iPod Touch devices. Optimized for one-handed operation, Seed Mobile now enables drivers to quickly create and edit delivery invoices in the field. Recipients can sign with their finger directly on the mobile device and can receive signed invoices via email immediately after delivery.  By enabling paperless OCS operations, Seed Delivery saves time, saves postage, and reduces errors. The new Seed Mobile app can be downloaded from the Apple iOS App Store at no additional cost for any customer using Seed Delivery.

“Seed Delivery helped me to modernize my OCS business,” said George Grobowsky, owner of Gulp-It! Inc. in Houston, Texas, “Instead of printed invoices and handwritten changes, with Seed Delivery I can now manage invoices electronically on a driver’s mobile device. Instead of every order having to be phoned in, now my customers can create orders online using Seed Delivery’s web ordering. Instead of picking every order on the truck, now I can pre-pick my delivery orders with Seed Delivery and my pick-to-light system. Being on a modern system means my drivers and office staff can spend less time dealing with orders and more time delivering great service and selling more product!”

In addition to the new Seed Mobile, many other parts of Seed Cloud received an upgrade too, including big improvements in Warehouse Management. Notable enhancements include:

  • Easier Warehouse Troubleshooting – Enables easier inventory troubleshooting via one-click drilldown into product accountability shortages, better transaction search and filtering, and clearer at-a-glance contextual information about each transaction.
  • Easier Warehouse Inventorying – Reduces inventory labor via faster inventorying for large warehouses, improved warehouse handheld improvements, improved support for bulk-pre-pick workflows, and the ability to tag partial inventories with references notes like “Drinks” or “Snacks”.
  • Purchase Order Creation – Enables entry of purchase orders using Seed’s web-based interface or via easy import from Excel, enabling Excel-based custom formulas for order calculation and easy reconciliation to Receiving.
  • Commission-Free Option for Machine Classes – Speeds up configuration at accounts where some machine types (e.g. Cold Food Machines) are always commission-free, enabling changing commission plans without per-machine exceptions and simplifying setup of new machines.
  • Improvements to Seed Delivery Accounts Receivable – Makes OCS collections easier via showing past orders’ payment status on all new orders, easier emailing and printing of invoices and statements, easier handling of credit invoices, and 7 other customer-requested usability improvements including easier access to photos captured by Seed Mobile.

This release is the seventh major upgrade to Seed Cloud in the past 12 months. As is standard with Cantaloupe Systems’ upgrades, this release is automatically available for all Seed Cloud customers with no upgrade fee, no software to install, and no IT hassles. Full details of this release are available online on the web page that Seed Cloud users see after they login.

For more information about Seed Cloud, Seed Mobile or Seed Delivery please contact [email protected].

About Seed Cloud

Seed Cloud is the end-to-end vending retail solution from Cantaloupe Systems. It enables vending operators to take control of their business, to accept card and mobile payments, and to optimize operations to increase sales and dramatically lower operating costs. As a cloud-hosted, mobile-optimized solution, Seed Cloud is accessible from any computer or mobile device, anywhere in the world, without servers to buy or software to install and manage and is comprised of Seed Office™, Seed Cashless™ and Seed Pro™.

About Cantaloupe Systems

Cantaloupe Systems is the vending industry’s premier provider of cloud-based, mobile technologies that deliver an integrated end-to-end vending retail solution for cashless vending, dynamic route scheduling, automated pre-kitting and merchandising and inventory management…all accessible by any mobile device. With a combined 100+ years vending experience, Cantaloupe Systems’ expert consultation team can help vending operators modernize their vending business resulting in increased revenue, greater route efficiencies and streamlined back office administration.  Hundreds of customers, with hundreds of thousands machines connected, rely on Cantaloupe Systems’ innovative solutions to give them full control and visibility over their operations, their inventory and their people so they can more proactively, predictably and competitively run their business. Learn more about smarter vending at


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